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Mini-Yoshi (a.k.a. Yoshi & Yoshi Kid) is a character in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is a spunky Baby Yoshi who is found outside the Glitz Pit. As a newly-hatched Yoshi, players can name him whatever they will.


Once Mario enters the Glitz Pit fight, and plows through the competition, after a while, Mario will go outside and find a Yoshi Egg bouncing around, and being chased by Mr. Hoggle (Mr. Hoggle was planning to use the egg for hot dogs). Mario catches the egg, and Mr. Hoggle allows him to keep it.

After encountering the armored harriers, which can´t be defeated, the egg will hatch while you were away and a Baby Yoshi pops out. Depending on how long it took for the egg to hatch, the Yoshi Kid will be one out of seven colors: Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Black, and White, respectively. The Yoshi thanks Mario, and allows him to name him (which the player has control over). Now, with Yoshi as Mario's fourth partner, he enters the fight once more. Yoshi is able to eat the enemy, then spit him back out at the enemy's partner, defeating both of them.

Despite Mario's name being, of course, Mario, the Yoshi called Mario by his Glitz Pit name - "The Great Gonzales".

At the end of the game, Yoshi goes off to become a contender in the Glitz Pit. His fighting name is "The Great Gonzales Jr.", revealing the respect that Yoshi has toward his adoptive father. The Yoshi Kid starts off as a weak character, with an HP stat of 10, but gets much stronger as he upgrades. He is useful in battle and can use multi-hitting moves.

Various Colors

Depending on how much time has passed between when he joins your team as an egg and when he hatches and joins as a partner, he will be one of the colors above. The colors are purely aesthetic changes and don't change anything else.


Green: 0-6 minutes

Red: 6-9 minutes

Blue: 9-11 minutes

Orange: 11-15 minutes

Pink: 15-18 minutes

Black: 18-19 minutes

White: 19-20 minutes

After 20 minutes, the order resets.

Attacks in Battle

Attack Flower Points Needed Effect Action Command Move Ranks
Ground Pound 0 Yoshi floats over to an enemy and stomps on them. Rapidly press R to fill the gauge Initial
Gulp 4 Yoshi swallows the first enemy and spits it out into the second enemy. It pierces defense. Hold R to fill the gauge Initial
Mini-Egg 3 Yoshi lays several eggs, then throws them at the enemies, which causes damage and "Shrink" status. Press A as the gauge passes the stars Super Rank
Stampede 6 Yoshi summons several Yoshis to stampede all enemies. Rapidly alternate presses of L and R to fill the gauge Ultra Rank


  • Yoshi Kid has very similar powers to Parakarry and Carrie. This is carried over to the fact his field ability is the same function.
  • His attack power function is the same as Lady Bow from Paper Mario.
  • He does the most basic attack with each 1 attack power doing six damage at max. Gulp also fixes this attack issue.
  • With Power Lift or Power boost influences he can be powerful. Even against Grodus, Shadow Sirens and Smorg.
  • Despite his Stampede in-game stating "attacks all ground enemies" It actually can attack every enemy or target onscreen regardless of their position.
  • He calls Mario by his actual name only 6 times. Other times he refers to Mario by his Glitz Pit name "Gonzales"
  • He is the only partner with multiple colors.
  • He's the only partner in the Paper Mario series that the player can choose a name for.
  • During the fight with Doopliss, no matter what name the player uses the enemy will always be named "Yoshi"
  • When Professor Frankly and Four Eyes break the 4th wall during the game, the Yoshi Kid will acknowledge their strange dialogue.
  • Several Yoshi Kid dolls can be found in Fort Francis in Super Paper Mario in various colors.