X-Nauts are the lowest form of soldiers in the X-Naut society. They are probably considered to be infantry and are very weak. Usually, they are lead by Lord Crump, Sir Grodus or a higher rank of X-Naut soldier. Even though the X-Naut race is a secret cult society, they are the one enemy seen most throughout the game. X-Nauts are supported by X-Naut PhDs, as they drink their potions to grow, increasing their power. After Crump and Grodus are defeated, the X-Nauts decide to take a peaceful route and reside in Poshley Heights. It is most likely that they later became the stars of Francis's favorite TV show, Starship X-Naut. X-Nauts are not very smart, as they can be attacked by surprise, and don't know when to attack unless instructed to do so. Some of them also don't shower or wash their uniforms, putting hygiene into question.


  • The "mob" scenes where hundreds of enemies crowd the screen are most often applied with X-Nauts.
  • Their white face covers resemble the hat of Coro Coro Kuririn

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