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Watt is a female partner in Paper Mario. She was captured by the Big Lantern Ghost in Shy Guy's Toy Box and you had to set her free by attacking the lamp. She will give you a big thanks and she gets excited once she finds out that you're Mario. She then joins you. Her power is electricity. If you use her power in the field, she will light up dark areas and reveal hidden objects. She is the recommended partner for the boss battle against General Guy. She also has a mother who is very worried about her.


Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Electro Dash None Gives a burst of electricity, dealing up to 5 damage and ignoring defense. Tap and hold A and release when Star lights up. Initial
Power Shock 3 FP Stuns an enemy for up to 4 turns. Mash the A button. Initial
Turbo Charge 3 FP Boosts Mario's attack power by one point for up to 4 turns. Press A when the stars light up. Super Rank
Mega Shock 5 FP Paralyzes all enemies. Mash A and B buttons at the same time. Ultra Rank


  • When using a power block Watt is called a he.
  • Watt's Catch card in Super Paper Mario calls her a he.
  • Watt's model is found inside the files of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but remains unused.
  • In Bowser's battle with the Star Rod, she is the only one who can do a 1 hitpoint damage.
  • The name Watt is a pun for the electricity unit.
  • Watt is one of two party members that are unable to inflict damage against Huff N. Puff. The other is Kooper.