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The Water Vellumental is a boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It takes the appearance of a large origami dragon and lives in the Water Vellumental Temple. It is the first boss of Chapter 2, is the second Vellumental boss and overall the third boss of the game.


Not much is known about the Water Vellumental, it lives in the Water Vellumental Temple.


The Water Vellumental displays a wide selection of attacks depending on Mario's position, if Mario is far away it will spew out a stream of water at Mario, if Mario is close, the Water Vellumental can either do a bite attack, slam one of it's wings at Mario or swipe at Mario with his tail, its primary ability is creating four Water Spouts that, before Mario's turn will traveler in a line and wash away a battle card. The strongest attack the Water Vellumental can unleash is sucking up water every turn, after four turns has been pass the Water Vellumental will launch out a large water wave that will do massive damage against Mario.


At first, the Water Vellumental seems rather tough, but with enough practice, this boss isn't too hard, the first and most important step is for the player to make sure that the panel is not in the area where the Water Vellumental's four Water Spouts will travel at, to damage the Water Vellumental, the player must first use the jump action to make the Water Vellumental drop down to the ground, then use the hammer to do massive damage, after around three turns during the times when the Water Vellumental is about to unleash its water wave, the Player can use the Earth Vellumental to avoid the wave, after the Water Vellumental has done it's strong attack it will be stunned for one turn, allowing the player to either use the 1000 Fold Arms ability to deal massive damage or just damage the Water Vellumental though normal means (like Hammer, Jump or Item), after the Water Vellumental recovers its energy, the fight will repeat like previously only with six Water Spouts, other-wise the fight is the same.


  • The Water Vellumental is often considered the hardest boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Mainly due to its higher attack power and a much more difficult gimmick compare to the previous two bosses.
  • The Water Vellumental is the first boss in the Paper Mario series to be water themed.
  • The Water Vellumental fight is very similar to Hooktail from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
    • Both bosses are dragons.
    • Both bosses have a Breath attack (Hooktail: Fire Breath, Water Vellumental: Water Stream) and a chomp attack.
    • Both are the main bosses of a building (Hooktail: Hooktail Castle, Water Vellumental: Water Vellumental Temple).
  • The Water Vellumental is the first boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King to also be fought with a Vellumental.