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Thoreau is the second Pixl that Mario obtains in Super Paper Mario. However, he is the first Pixl that you have to unlock to obtain and he is your first "Special Pixl", that you need to switch with other of this kind, and he can't be switched with Tippi. He is a square with five small circles arranged on top which makes it resemble a hand. Thoreau is required to make Green allow Mario to pass through into the desert. He is less commonly used because his abilities are replaced by other Pixls and characters. Thoreau tells Mario and Tippi upon his release that the Ancients had locked him away in a Chest for 1,500 years, and decides to join Mario's party to repay him.

Using Thoreau

Thoreau lets you grab an opponent or object and throw it, as well as hit switches too far to reach. It is used to confuse or attack enemies and to hit switches. Press 1 to grab something in front of you. Mario will then be carrying it. Press 1 again to throw it.

Catch Card

Thoreau's Catch Card

Thoreau's Catch Card is found on floor 20 of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. All of the Pixl Catch Cards except for BarryDashellPiccolo, and Tiptron are found there in order of appearance.

Catch Card Type: Rare

Catch Card Description: This handy Pixl can pick up things and throw them. He's very...handy.


  • Thoreau is exactly like the Koopa partners that Mario gets in the previous two Paper Mario games, Kooper and Koops, in that he is shot out a far distance and can be used to hit far objects. Like the Koopa partners, he is also the second partner in the game.
  • Thoreau's name is an alternate spelling of the word "throw," which is exactly what Mario does to him.
  • If you grab any enemy and flip with Mario, the enemy will stay in the flip zone. Works on O'Chunks.
  • In the beta version of the game, there was a Ladder Pixl that didn't make it into the final game and was replaced by Thoreau.