Swoop (Previously called Swooper) is a bat creature that hides in dark places, hanging from the ceiling. They attack by swooping down and suck HP from Mario and his partner (although in the original Paper Mario, they only swoop down and hit him). The only way to hit a Swoop on the ceiling is to use a quake attack, a partner that can fight enemies at high altitude (like Parakarry or Madame Flurrie), use the Hammer Throw badge, or use a POW Block. A notable Swoop is Sir Swoop.

History Edit

Paper Mario Edit

Swoopers first appear in Paper Mario. They usually hang from the ceiling, and should be defeated with an attack that hits ranged enemies, such as the Quake Hammer or Parakarry. Alongside Swoopers, a more powerful version called Swoopulas also appear.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Edit

Swoopers appear occasionally in The Thousand-Year Door. Several first appear in the Glitz Pit as fighters in the group Wings of Night. Swoopers are also found near the Creepy Steeple. This game also introduces two different species of Swoopers, Swoopulas and Swampires.

Super Paper Mario Edit

Swoopers appear often in Chapter 2. They attack by swinging down towards Mario, which is also the time when the player should strike them.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Edit

Swoopers, (Now renamed Swoops) appear in World 2 of Sticker Star. Unlike the previous games, they do not hang from the ceiling, and instead just charge at Mario.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Edit

Paper Mario: Color Splash Edit

Swoops return and fight in the same way as they did in Sticker Star. They are only found in dark areas, such as the Indigo Underground.

Tippi's Comments: That beast is a Swooper. It likes to dangle from the ceiling in dark, dank places… Watch your head; it will swoop down on you… It will swoop back up after it swoops down, so jump on it when you can…

Catch Card Description: Max HP: 3, Attack: 1. Swoopers aren't so bad, they're just lonely. Strangely, they greet visitors by snacking on their heads. ...This could explain why they have no friends.
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