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"Oh no...Poor me..."
— Shy Guy

Shy Guys are mischievous enemies that are considered a menace to Toad Town. Their main headquarters is Shy Guy's Toy Box, located in the Mushroom Kingdom. They appear in other games outside of Paper Mario. They can attack Mario by charging towards him or by jumping on top of him. There are several different types of Guys, ranging from military Spy Guys to flaming Pyro Guys, healing Medi Guys, and color draining Slurp Guys. Besides Red, albeit being more common in that color, Shy Guys come in a variety of colors, such as blue, green, yellow, and pink. They serve under their main commander, General Guy. Most are very acrobatic, and find clever ways to wreak havoc or play tricks.


Paper Mario

Shy Guys serve as enemies in Paper Mario. They are first seen in Chapter 4, wreaking havoc in Toad Town. Once Mario attacks them, they flee to their secret hideout within Shy Guy's Toy Box. Afterward, Mario and his Partners adventure from the Forever Forest and rescue the third Star Spirit, defeating the ghost-eating clubba named Tubba Blubba.

Mario and Friends return to the Mushroom Kingdom only to be informed by the guard to the Forever Forest, Fice T. that Toad Town has been raided by Shy Guys. Shy Guys have caused a ruckus by stealing citizen's important items, kicking owners out of their shops, and even taking letters from the post office. Mario eventually removes them of their actions and frees the citizens from their misery. He even finds a Shy Guy in front of his home with Luigi, who's having trouble trying to catch him.


In the epilogue of Paper Mario, Parakarry visits Shy Guy's Toy Box only to be sending Watt (it is unknown if this is her home as well) a letter inviting her to Princess Peach's party. A Shy Guy can be seen talking with Watt before Parakarry appears, meaning they could have switched sides into becoming allies.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

While Shy Guys are unused enemies in The Thousand-Year Door, they can still be seen in the audience when Mario enters a battle. Shy Guys are the only characters in the audience to run up to the back stage and cause a ruckus to either the player or enemy by dropping objects on either character's head. Being dodgy is a good way to avoid this. They can either help or sabotage the player.

Super Paper Mario

Beta Shy Guy

Shy Guys (including Fly Guys and Spear guys) were going to reappear in Super Paper Mario as enemies once again but were removed for an unknown reason. However, they still make an appearance in the audience (like in the previous title) when the player performs a Stylish Move.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

They appear in Sticker Star in various locations in World 5, Shy Guy Jungle. They are friendly unless you attack them. They also appear in World 4-6 (they are stacked if you fight them) bullying the Traveling Toad into buying a "VIP door" but it is merely a door sticker. The Shy Guys rarely appear empty-handed, normally carrying spears, making them Spear Guys. The Traveling Toad is also bullied by several Shy Guys at Bowser's Snow Fort, and several Spear Guys in the Jungle Rapids (The Traveling Toad quits adventuring after this encounter).

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Both Shy Guys and their Paper counterparts appear as enemies in Paper Jam, where they are commonly found in groups on Mount Brr. Spear Guys also commonly appear in Gloomy Woods where they are always fought in stacks. They also appear during the Wiggler and Paper Kamek Boss Battle.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

In Color Splash, Shy Guys are found across the entire game, and come in many colors. They have very few attacks, and flail their arms at you. They can sometimes be in stacks, carry buckets of paint, wear spiky helmets, roll around wheels, or have a straw in their mouths. In this case, they are called Slurp Guys.

Paper Mario: The Origami King



  • Shy Guys appear more than Goombas in Paper Mario: Color Splash.

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