Red Goomba is the stronger and older of the Goomba Bros. that work as underlings for Goomba King. They appear in Paper Mario, stopping Mario as he is on his way to Toad Town for the first time. After being defeated, he and his brother Blue Goomba run away to King Goomba. Later he, his brother, and the Goomba King ambush Mario at Goomba Fortress. When defeated again, the three retreat into the castle, only to be launched away when Mario hits a button that transforms it into a bridge. Red Goomba doesn't make any other appearances in the Paper Mario series. Red Goomba is weaker than some enemies in the Thousand Year Door Goombas. His brother Blue Goomba is about the same power as himself.

After being defeated for the second time, Red and Blue Goomba send Goombario a letter, saying that they admire his strength and would like to be friends with him. He is one of the medium powered attack Goombas.

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The red goomba goomba is the brother of blue, these are leaders of King goomba, are very weak because they are like a regular goomba, but with more HP. Not long after it was known that the king goomba shot out of his own castle, and when we walked to the castle, there's nobody. In the ending, King goombas goomba and red and blue appear, this time the king goomba is stuck in a tree, but gets out, and the red and blue goombas are circling the tree.

Red goomba, Blue goomba, and king goomba fighting with mario