Red Bones Sprite

Red Bones Sprite from Paper Mario TTYD

Red Bones are stronger than Dull Bones but not as strong as Dry Bones. They act the same as others in the Bones family, except Red Bones seem to summon Dull Bones more often. They're the only ones with blue eyes, and they seem to be able to command Dull Bones. As stated above, they can create new Dull Bones, which can make battles cumbersome. They only appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, where they are present only in Hooktail Castle and a certain puzzle in the Palace of Shadow's Riddle Tower. The player needs to use fire in order to defeat the Red Bones from the battle but if the player defeats the Red Bones while battling a few Dull Bones then it would wake up. The enemy is the 2nd most powerful boned enemy in the Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door game.


  • Red Bones was originally going to be called "Red Koopa Skeleton", but that name was replaced.
  • Even if you do not tattle the Red Bones in Hooktail's Castle their tattle log can be found in Frankly's garbage can even though the player still fights the Red Bones in the Palace of Shadow.

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