“Rawk out, Great Gonzales!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAWK! Listen to me, Gonzales! Anybody who's beat me is not ALLOWED to lose!!!”Rawk Hawk, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Rawk Hawk is a fighter at the Glitz Pit. He is a mini-boss in Chapter 3, and later can be fought at any time. He was Champion of the Glitz Pit before being defeated by Mario.

Prior to the events that took place in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Rawk Hawk joined the Glitz Pit, made his way up the ranks, and eventually became champion. However, he only became champion by default, since his rival, Prince Mush mysteriously disappeared before their title match could begin.

Later, during the cutscene before the fight with the Shadow Queen,Rawk Hawk can be seen along with some of the other Glitz Pit fighters, cheering on Mario.


When Mario is the champion, he is forbidden from entering the major league locker room (or the minor league locker room), but Rawk Hawk isn't, as when Mario first enters the major league, Rawk Hawk enters the room. However, this may be because he can convince security guards to do whatever he wants, evidenced by the way he gets one to lock Mario in another locker room before their fight.

Rawk Hawk also has a secret training room that Bowser and Kammy Koopa find at the end of Chapter 6.

If you speak to the Freelance Cameraman in the Glitzpit late into the major leagues, he will tell you that Rawk Hawk sometimes spends days in his personal bathroom at a time for an unknown reason.

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