“Oh, stop with the whining! You never interrupt an elder mid-lecture! NEVER! You wonder why the other Punies call you a "doofus" sometimes? That's why. And your time to be a doofus is over, because you have to lead our Puni tribe one day! That day is not far off! ...And THAT is why you need to listen! Now, first of all...”

Puni Elder, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door

The Puni Elder is an old Puni and the leader of the Puni tribe in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She has a short temper, and whenever she yells at someone, she grows to a tremendous size. During Mario's quest, she gave him the Puni Orb. As she is old and has bad hearing, the Puni Elder often mispronounces Mario's name as "Marty-O". She also once mispronounced Princess Peach's name, saying "Princess Pinch" instead. When Bowser goes to the great tree, his Kamek battles the Elder. Bowser can say, " Hag VS Hag, Awesome!" or " You guys are BOTH too old for this." The Elder will break her back at that point.

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