Pixls are a species with diverse special abilities that appear in Super Paper Mario. Unlike the the partners of the first two games, these don't have HP and cannot be hit. They give the heroes special abilities, attacks, and information with which they can overcome challenges. Though little is known about their history, their origin is occasionally touched on during the game. According to Carson, Pixls were created by the Tribe of Ancients 3,000 years before the events of Super Paper Mario.

List of Pixls

  1. Tippi - Gives the ability to tattle enemies in-game. Is taken away at some points.
  2. Thoreau - Gives the ability to grab/throw objects and enemies (without spikes).
  3. Boomer - Creates a bomb that can blow up enemies, bricks, etc. Deals 2x damage.
  4. Slim - Allows the player to become paper-thin, negating damage so long they stand still.
  5. Thudley - Allows the player to ground-pound. Deals 2x damage.
  6. Carrie - Allows the player to ride over water, quicksand, etc. Also moves slightly faster than normal speed. Also gives the player the ability to jump on spiked enemies.
  7. Fleep - Reveals background secrets such as rifts.
  8. Cudge - Allows the player to swing a hammer. Deals 2x damage.
  9. Dottie - Allows the player to shrink. Gives entry to Itty-Bitty stores.

Optional Pixls

  1. Barry - Creates a barrier that deflects projectiles. Deals reduced damage. Can be used to charge into enemies.
  2. Dashell - Increases the speed of the player.
  3. Piccolo - Plays a song that dispels curses. Also changes sound sprites.
  4. Tiptron - Not actually a Pixl, just Tippi's replacement after the end of the game.


  • In the beta version of Super Paper Mario, Pixls were called Fairens.
  • In promotional art for Super Paper Mario, there is an unused Pixl that closely resembles a ladder,.
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