Piccolo is an optional Pixl in the game Super Paper Mario. It takes some time to run a series of errands to earn Piccolo. Piccolo plays music when the player press "1" on the Wii Remote. She can play music that can cure Mario and the team from any curses placed upon them by Cursya. If the player switches characters while Piccolo is equipped, the player will hear different tunes. She plays Italian songs for Mario and Luigi, a cheery lullaby for Peach, and a metal rock theme for Bowser. Any of these themes can put the Underchomp to sleep.

Some blocks have a Piccolo symbol on them. By using Piccolo when standing next to them, the blocks dissolve, revealing a treasure chest. You can get her after you finish Chapter 5.

How to obtain PiccoloEdit

1. Talk directly to Merlee in Flopside, she'll ask you to get a Crystal Ball from Merluvlee.

2. Talk directly to Merluvlee and she'll ask you to get the Training Machine from Bestovius.

3. Talk to Bestovius, he'll ask you to get the You-Know-What from Old Man Watchitt in Yold Town.

4. Talk to Old Man Watchitt and he'll ask you to get an autograph from Merlumina.

5. Get the autograph from Merlumina, then retrace your steps until you get back to Merlee.

6. She'll offer you a charm, turn her down to get the Random Key, a key thet unlocks the house near the shop on the first floor of Flopside.

7. Unlock the door and open the chest inside to get Piccolo.

Catch CardEdit


Piccolo's Catch Card

Piccolo's Catch Card is found in the outskirts of Flopside B1.

Catch Card Type: Rare

Catch Card Description: This pitch-perfect Pixl plays the most melodious tunes. She lived in Flopside before joining your ragtag group.