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Not to be confused with Partners.

Party Members are a type of partner in the first Paper Mario game, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Paper Mario, and Paper Mario: The Origami King. In the first two entries of the series, Party Members will follow Mario wherever he goes, interacting with him along the way. They usually have special abilities, while also fighting alongside Mario in battle. In Super Paper Mario, Mario's party members are three playable characters, with side partners becoming Pixls. In Paper Mario: The Origami King, partners are now temporary. Their attacks completed automatically, and most do not have an overworld ability. This is a list of all of Mario's party members that assisted him on his adventures.

Paper Mario[]



Goombario - Goombario is a young adventure loving Goomba. Unlike most Goombas that despise Mario, he is a big fan and wishes to be just like him. Goombario would listen to advice from his father Goompapa and his grandfather Goompa so he could one day set off on an adventure of his own. He becomes the first of Mario's party members in Paper Mario.

PM Kooper


Kooper - Kooper is Mario's second party member in Paper Mario. He is an adventure-loving (and seemingly young) Koopa who dreams of becoming an archaeologist like his childhood hero Kolorado throughout the course of Paper Mario. He is the exact opposite of his successor, Koops, personality-wise. But in the battlefield, they are both similar to each other.

PM Bombette


Bombette - Bombette is Mario's third party member in Paper Mario. When Mario goes to Koopa Bros. Fortress, Yellow Ninjakoopa traps Mario in a cell. Here, Mario meets Bombette, a Bob-omb Buddy who was trapped in the fortress for exploding next to the Koopa Bros. Bombette helps Mario by exploding to make an escape route out of the cell. She then joins Mario's party. By pressing C-Down, her fuse will be lit and she will then walk a few steps and explode, allowing Mario to destroy walls, flip switches, and attack enemies. After she helps Mario defeat the Koopa Bros., she decided to join Mario's party and aid him on his quest to find the Star Spirits.

Parakarry in paper mario 1000 year door and in super paper mario


Parakarry - Parakarry is a Cyan Paratroopa Partner in the first Paper Mario. He is a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom and works at the Post Office in Toad Town along with the Postmaster, delivering letters to recipients all over the world. He is known for being a clumsy, slow postman who frequently loses his letters. In fact, in the game's ending, his boss even questions Mario on how Parakarry was able to make himself useful on his adventure.


Lady Bow

Bow - Bow is the leader of the Boos of Boo's Mansion in Paper Mario, and is aided by her butler, Bootler. She is very strong-headed and a bit snooty due to her princess-like status in life, but is also kind-hearted in wanting to aid Mario so he can save Princess Peach and the world's wishes. However, the main reason that she joins him at first is because she needs him to help stop the ghost-eating boss Tubba Blubba, and offers him the Star Spirit, Skolar, that the Boos caught after his escape from Tubba Blubba's Castle in exchange for his help. Unlike the other party members, after it says Bow joins Mario, the text adds in a comical "like it or not"



Watt - Watt is a female partner in Paper Mario. She was captured by the Big Lantern Ghost in Shy Guy's Toy Box and you had to set her free by attacking the lamp. She will give you a big thanks and she gets excited once she finds out that you're Mario. She then joins you. Her power is electricity. If you use her power in the field, she will light up dark areas and reveal hidden objects. She is the recommended partner for the boss battle against General Guy. She also has a mother who is very worried about her.



Sushie - Sushie is the only of the Cheep-Cheep species found in Paper Mario and is the seventh member to join Mario's party. She often worries about safety, which is shown when she is watching over the Yoshi kids and warning Mario about going to Mt. Lavalava in Lavalava Island.



Lakilester - Lakilester is a Lakitu that appears in the first Paper Mario who comes from the Flower Fields. He calls himself as various names such as "Michael" or "Spike" (or "Jonathan" in the Japanese version) because he dislikes his real name. He is the eighth (and last) member to join Mario's party.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door[]



Goombella - Goombella is an aspiring Goomba archaeologist appearing in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She was one of Professor Frankly's students at U Goom, and she is the first to join Mario's search to find the Crystal Stars after he saves her from Lord Crump. She constantly travels with Mario and the rest of his friends in the quest to get the Crystal Stars, as she is an extremely important character, having been the first to learn the true identity of the magical map given to Mario. She could be considered the "brainy" one of the group, and is Mario's go-to source for information throughout his adventure. Goombella has a letter you can find in the jungle world on Paper Mario Sticker Star.

Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door


Koops - Koops is the timid Koopa from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door who hails from a town called Petalburg. His role is identical to his predecessor, Kooper, but with a personality being the exact opposite. Koops is depicted as something of a coward when he is first met, but upon meeting Mario, he changes his ways and becomes a brave Koopa, most especially for his girlfriend, Koopie Koo. He is the second member to join Mario's party.

1170px-Flurrie (alt) - Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door


Madame Flurrie - Madame Flurrie is a cloud spirit actress; disillusioned with the world, she retires to the secluded Boggly Woods. When the Puni of the Great Tree are in danger, she joins Mario to save them. Flurrie can breathe winds to reveal hidden switches and disorient enemies, protecting Mario from attack. She also loves the Puni and Mario. In battle, Flurrie boasts the attacks Body Slam, Gale Force, Dodgy Fog, and Lip lock. You can fight her during the second Doopliss fight if you defeated Goombella and Koops first.



Mini-Yoshi - Mini-Yoshi (or, plainly Yoshi or Paper Yoshi) is a character in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is a spunky Baby Yoshi who is found outside the Glitz Pit. As a newly-hatched Yoshi, players are given the chance to name him whatever they please.



Vivian - Vivian is the youngest of the three Shadow Sirens in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Unlike her sisters, Vivian is kind, compassionate, and gentle in her interactions with other people. Vivian and her sisters seem to have been somehow related to the Shadow Queen prior to the queen's imprisonment, though the exact nature of this relationship is unknown. She is consistently put down by her oldest sister, Beldam, and has had a poor relationship with both her sisters for quite some time when Mario meets her; this poor relationship has led to her having a deep-seated inferiority complex. She is also considered the cutest of the Shadow Sirens, much to the chagrin of her elder sisters. Vivian is the fifth character to join Mario's party in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Admiral Bobbery

Admiral Bobbery - Admiral Bobbery is a character from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and one of Mario's partners in the game. He is a retired sailor, and usually has a grumpy attitude towards others. Bobbery reveals his dark past to Mario, and the story of how his wife perished when he was out at sea. These events shaped Bobbery into a hardened old sailor, but he slowly opens up and becomes more of a friend throughout Mario's adventure. His moves consist of explosives and mid- range attacks.


Ms. Mowz

Ms. Mowz (Optional Party Member) - Ms. Mowz is a Little Mouser encountered in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is the only optional party member available in the game; and depending on when the player acquires her, she is either the sixth or seventh member to join Mario's party. She is known to constantly flirt with Mario, which tends to annoy Flurrie and Goombella (the latter occasionally calls Ms. Mowz a floozy). She has the useful ability to sniff out any type of item (Similar to Watt's ability to show hidden items in the first Paper Mario), ranging from coins to items to Star Pieces to hidden Badges; however, this ability is more like playing hot-and-cold, as straight answers are not given. In battle, Ms. Mowz possesses the ability to cut through Defense. She can also steal enemy items and badges during battle with the move Kiss Thief.

Super Paper Mario[]

Playable Characters[]

Peach - Peach is princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as Mario's love interest. As a playable character and party member in Super Paper Mario, she is the most nimble. Peach can become invulnerable to all attacks by ducking with her parasol, and can floating slowly in midair with said parasol by holding 2.

Bowser - Bowser is the king of Koopas, and the primary antagonist of most mainline Mario titles. In Super Paper Mario, however, he joins the three other heroes in their quest to stop Bleck. Bowser is the brute of the group, being the biggest and slowest. Holding down on the D-Pad allows him to breath fire. Bowser also does the most damage out of all of the characters.

Luigi - Luigi is the final playable character party member to join Mario. He is Mario's brother and best friend. Luigi is the most agile of the four, being able to jump the highest. By holding down on the D-Pad, Luigi can do a super jump that allows him to reach areas that no other character can reach. The move can also be used to defeat enemies quicker.


Tippi - Tippi is the first Pixl to join Mario. She accompanies him throughout every chapter in the game, and has the most dialogue out of all the Pixls. Though her origin is unknown, her appearance is that of a rainbow butterfly. Though Tippi does not have any attacks, she does retain the tattle ability from past games, and continues to give hints to puzzles like Goombario or Goombella.

Thoreau - Thoreau is the second Pixl to join Mario. He is shaped like a hand, representative of his only power. Thoreau can be used to pick up and throw objects/enemies. Though this is only useful in a few puzzles, picking up and throwing enemies allows for a good strategy when taking out larger groups.

Boomer - Boomer is the third Pixl to join Mario. He is bomb-shaped. Boomer gives Mario and co. the ability to place bombs, which can be used against stronger enemies, and weak walls.

Slim - Slim is the fourth Pixl to join Mario. He is triangular in shape, and split into several segments. His ability allows the player to become paper-thin by "flipping". When not moving, the four heroes are invulnerable to all obstacles and attacks. Mario can use this move while flipping into 3D in order to enter crevices in the walls.

Thudley - Thudley is the fourth Pixl to join Mario. He has the appearance of a large weight, and gives the four heroes the ability to ground pound.

Carrie - Carrie is the fifth Pixl to join Mario. She is shaped like a T when idle, but becomes square shaped when used. Carrie has the ability to become a floating platform for the heroes to hover on, giving them extra speed while also allowing them to jump on spiked enemies. She is useful in puzzles where spike floors are involved.

Fleep - Fleep is the sixth Pixl to join Mario. He is shaped like a large rectangle frame with a tail. Fleep uses a flipping ability that allows him to close rifts. Doing this rewards the player with various items and hidden doorways. If Fleep's ability is used on an enemy, it will daze them for a few seconds.

Cudge - Cudge is the seventh Pixl to join Mario. He is hammer-shaped. As his appearance implies, Cudge, gives the four heroes the ability to use the Hammer. This is useful against spiked enemies, and is a key element of some puzzles.

Dottie - Dottie is the eighth Pixl to join Mario. She is a small circle with thin rectangles surrounding her. She gives the heroes the ability to shrink. This is useful in specific puzzles, but also gives access to various tiny shops that tend to give out rarer items, most of which are commonly used in recipes.

Piccolo (Optional) - Piccolo is an optional Pixl. She is trapped within the abandoned house in Flopside, and is the reward for completing Merlee's fetch quest. When used, Piccolo plays a song that is exclusive to each hero, and temporarily changes their jumping (and fire breathing in Bowser's case) sound effects to 8-bit ones from Super Mario Bros. She can also lift Cursya curses by doing this, though her primary use is putting the Underchomp to sleep, making a more difficult battle signifigantly easier.

Barry (Optional) - Barry is an optional Pixl first met during Chapter 3. After the completion of Chapter 3, the player has the option of bringing him along. Barry gives the player a spike shield for a few seconds, allowing the heroes to dash into enemies.

Dashell (Optional) - Dashell is an optional Pixl hidden within the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. His ability speeds up the player's movement.

Tiptron (Optional) - Tiptron is an optional "Pixl" that can be obtained after the completion of the story. She is sold by Francis in Fort Francis. Tiptron has the same abilities as Tippi, and replaces her after her disappearance during the game's ending.

Paper Mario: The Origami King[]

Olivia - Olivia is Mario's primary partner in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Similar to Kersti and Huey, Olivia gives Mario an overworld ability that allows him to interact with the environment. Unlike those two, however, she does fight alongside Mario in battle. Using Vellumental Magic Circles allows her to transform into one of the four beasts to attack their foes. These abilities are most useful in boss battles.

Bobby - Bobby is a temporary partner met during the Blue Streamer section of the game. He does not have an overworld ability. During battles, Bobby will occassionally do a bump attack against an enemy, but has a chance of failing.

Spike - Spike is a temporary party member met during the Blue Streamer chapter. He only joins Mario in order to find a certain Sombrero Guy. He has a Spike Ball attack in which he chucks a spike ball at a line-up of enemies.

Bone Goomba - Bone Goomba is a temporary party member serving the same purpose as Spike. He is to be guided by Mario to a Sombrero Guy's party. In battle, he can perform a headbonk like folded Bone Goombas.

Professor Toad - Professor Toad is a party member exclusive to the Yellow Streamer chapter. He is a researcher investigating the ruins in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert. His overworld ability allows Mario to dig up glowing spots in the desert, unlocking collectibles or rewarding him with coins. In battle, he will occasionally use a dig attack that flings coins at multiple enemies, doing a large amount of damage. Like Bob-omb's attack, there is a chance that it will fail.

Kamek - Kamek joins as a party member for only the Green Streamer chapter. He fights using his magic wand attack, which is essentially a buffed version fo Professor Toad's digging attack.

Bowser Jr. - After being rejuvinated, Jr. temporarily becomes an active party member during the Green Streamer chapter. His only attack allows him to swoops into enemies, doing signifigantly more damage than Kamek's attack.

Bowser - Bowser is Mario's party member during the final section of the game. He can only attack during the first portion of the chapter (where he is folded). His only attack allows him to breath fire onto enemies, doing the same amount of damage as Bowser Jr.'s attack.