Paper Mario Wiki Rules

These are the rules of Paper Mario Wiki. They are to be followed at all times, no matter the circumstance, no matter the excuse. If you disobey the rules, you will be held responsible for your actions and may be punished in a number of ways.

  1. No vandalism. Not only can your attack be easily reverted by a staff member, but you will never be allowed to apply for special rights, and depending on the number of offenses, you may be blocked.
  2. No spam. An example of spam is creating useless pages with no relevance whatsoever.
  3. No sockpuppetry. This is creating multiple Wikia accounts and using them for a variety of reasons, like added votes on polls and bullying other users. If you are caught sockpuppeteering, you and your other accounts will be blocked.
  4. No bullying. If you insult other users, you will be warned. If you do not heed this warning, you will be blocked.
  5. No false information. Please be sure that information you are adding to a page is true before doing so.

Paper Mario Wiki Policies

These are the Paper Mario Wiki policies. They are less serious than the rules - just normal procedures around here. These are the kinds of things that you should know, but won't get in trouble if you don't.

  1. If you vote for yourself when applying for added rights, your request will be removed.
  2. Edits made to another User's profile must be first approved by said User. They will otherwise be reverted.
  3. If a User is inactive for more than six months, the Slow Go badge will be added to their profile. They can request to have it removed if they return.

4. If a promoted user is inactive for over 5 months, they will recieve a the slow go badge and their promotions may be reverted.

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