Paper Mario Wiki: Requests for Rights

This is the Requests for Rights page. Please make requests using the following model:

Username here - Begin by writing out your request. Tell why you think you deserve these rights, what you will do with them if your request is approved, and what contributions you have made around the Wiki.

Some things to think about before applying:

  • Do you meet all of the requirements?
  • Are you willing to be active daily on this Wiki?
  • Can you act professional among your fellow editors? This means:
    • Attempting to use proper grammar.
    • Resolving arguments, not starting them.
    • Not using rights for personal benefit.

Also, keep in mind that if you fail to perform your duties properly, your rights can be taken away. This will usually be voted on by the community, but under drastic measures, a bureaucrat will remove them immediately. Remember - these powers are given to help the community, not for fun.

As a final note, you cannot vote for yourself. If you do so, the request will be removed and you will have to file your request again.

The following is a list of positions available and the prerequisites for applying for them:



  • Ability to quickly undo spam and vandalism.
  • Ability to kickban users from chat.
  • More say in important decisions.


  • Cannot have been blocked for spam or vandalism more than once
  • Have more than 75 edits.
  • Must be trustworthy.



  • Ability to block spammers, vandals, and sockpuppets.
  • Ability to delete unnecessary pages.
  • Ability to customize the Wiki's design and link colors.
  • All the powers of a Moderator.


  • Have at least 250 mainspace edits.
  • Have never been blocked for spam or vandalism.
  • Have shown maturity and responsibility with Moderator rights. If not a moderator, must be very trustworthy.

  • Has created at MINIMUM, two pages.



  • Ability to add rights to others' accounts.
  • Ability to remove others' rights.
  • All the powers of Administators and Moderators.


  • Have at least 400 mainspace edits.
  • Have never been blocked for spam or vandalism.
  • Must currently be an Admin, if not, at least a moderator.
  • Have shown maturity and responsibility with rights.

  • Has created at LEAST four pages. One of which must be detailed.

Bureaucrat Requests:

  • None
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