Paper Mario Wiki

This is the Paper Mario Wiki's Manual of Style. In order to maintain some form of consistency, it is highly recommended that all editors follow this when adding to or making pages. Each section within this manual will detail specific headings or sections that can and should be added to pages, as well as other structural choices.

General Guidelines

  • Every page should bolden the page name when it is first mentioned.
  • Italicize game names. The full title should always be used unless it is the very rare occassion where the name is repeated more than twice in a paragraph.
  • Every page should have an introductory paragraph. Before making any sub-sections, ensure there is a paragraph to go alongside an infobox or picture.
  • When writing a history section, refer to events in the past tense. For example:

Incorect: "Mario will then collect a Mushroom"

Incorrect: "Mario collects a Mushroom"

Correct: "Mario collected a Mushroom."

  • Add an infobox whenever possible. Use one of the completed templates instead of an entirely new one. If you are unsure of which one to use, ask a moderator.

Section Headings for Every Page


Every page should have a history section unless there is not enough information to complete it, in which case all info would go into the introduction or a separate section. Under history, each game title that the subject appears in should be listed chronologically. The game sections will explain it's purpose during the events of that specific game.


This section should display every picture of the character in Paper Mario related media. Captions may be added. If the character has more than ten images, a separate gallery page can be created and linked.

Names in other languages (Optional)

If the translated names of the subject are readily available, they can be added into a table within this section.

Etymology (Optional)

If the subject's name happens to have a unique history, this section can be added.

Trivia (Optional)

This section can be used to bullet point additional factoids that do not fit in any other section.

External Links (Optional)

If there is a page for the subject on one of the partnered Wikis or a similar Wiki, it can be linked here. There is also the rare case that the subject has a website, in which it would also be linked here.


Any footnotes used will have their sources listed in this section. Remember that an alternative Wiki is not a source, so only use this if you have a trustworthy reference.

Character-specific Headings

Appearance and Personality

Describe the character's distinct traits and unique behavior in this section. If there is a very drastic change from game to game, separate game headings can be used.

Powers and Abilities

If the character performs any special moves or has a specific talent, list it here. There will be some characters with nothing of note, so omit this section if that is the case.

Bios and Statistics (Optional)

This is really only for enemies and bosses. Using a table, a full list of their stats in each game can be listed. If there are more than three, you can link to a separate page. Though entirely optional, tattles and descriptions can also go into this section.

In Battle

This section should serve two purposes. If the page is on an enemy, this portion can describe it's attack pattern. If it is on a boss, then the battle can be described here, and an ideal method of defeat can be mentioned.

Location-specific Headings


An overview of the location's areas. It shouldn't sound too much like a walkthrough, so avoid describing the actual adventure and more the description of the rooms/areas.

Items Found Here

A bullet list of every item found in the area alongside a description of where to find it.

Enemies Found Here

A bullet list of the enemies found in an area. If there is a very large amount of them, consider using this instead of the infobox section.

Item-specific Headings


If the item is used in the making of several recipes, you can list all of them in a table under this section.


There is no problem with adding videos to the actual articles, but they should preferably be uncommentated and of high quality. Even then, ensure it's isn't just a full walkthrough of the game. If it is someone else's recording, list the link in references.


Before the creation of this manual, categories have a been an unmoderated mess. There will be a separate page for categories, as properly adding them should be mandatory from now on.