Paper Mario Wiki

This is the Block Policy for the Paper Mario Wiki. Remember that even with this here, the severity of every specific case will be determined by the moderator involved.

Block Policy

Mild Offenses

Any mild offense is first given a warning. Whether or not a second warning is given is up to the moderators, but any offense past the first may result in 2 day block. If the offense continues, an indefinite block may result.

Offenses in this category are:

  • Creating unfinished pages
  • Badge farming
  • Misuse of categories
  • Adding duplicate images

Moderate Offenses

Any moderate offense is first given a warning. Past this point, a one week block may occur for any future offenses.

Offenses in this category are:

  • Inserting false information
  • Adding fan-made content
  • Visibly awful use of grammar and sentence structure
  • Excessive use of vulgar language

Severe Offenses

While these likely won't be given a warning, the moderator may choose to give one. These offenses will lead to an immediate block. Most will be indefinite, but there will be some cases in which the block time is lighter.

  • Vandalism of ANY kind
  • Plagiarism (This will likely be given a warning beforehand)
  • Sock-puppetry (alternate accounts)
  • Harassment/Bullying