O'Chunks is a recurring boss and minion of Count Bleck. He first appears in Yold Desert in chapter 1-3. There, he stomps the ground, causing the door behind him to sink into the sand, forcing Mario to fight him. Mario, however, prevails and can move onto the next part of the desert. He later appears in the Gap of Crag, the setting of chapter 5-2. once again, he challenges the heroes to a duel, but before the fighting begins, Dimentio appears and warps then to Dimension D. Despite his new strength, the heroes defeat him. He is later found in the industrial part of Floro Caverns, this time with Dimentio, in chapter 5-4. Dimentio plants a Floro Sprout on O'Chunks' head, turning him into O'Cabbage. He then once again sends them all to Dimension D, where they fight, and defeat, him. He is fought for the final time in Castle Bleck, where Bowser challenges him to a fight. After being defeated by the Koopa King, the roof begins to collapse, but O'Chunks holds it up, Bowser helps hold it, but their efforts were in vain because the roof collapses. He is later found at the ending, before the credits.

End Game Edit

After you beat the game,  you can find O'Chunks on the third floor of Filpside next to the Heart Pillar with some of Saffron's treats, hoping to find Nastasia, so he can give them to her (rather ironically, Nastasia can be found on the third floor of Flopside after the game is beaten). That may imply he has a slight crush on her.