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Mushrooms are healing items that restore the user's HP. Mushrooms are a very common healing item, and usually only recover a small amount of HP. They are a staple of the mainline Mario series, and retain the red and white dotted cap of the Super Mushroom.


Paper Mario

Mushrooms can be obtained from various locations and enemies, mostly in shops found within early chapters. They restore 5 HP when used.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Mushrooms reappear in the Thousand-Year Door with little to no changes. They are found in early-game shops. as well as various locations throughout the game.

Super Paper Mario

Mushrooms no longer appear as portable healing items, being replaced by Shroom Shakes. Instead, they come out of ? Blocks, similar to the Super Mushrooms from mainline Mario titles. They now restore 10 HP and reward 1000 points.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

While physical Mushrooms do not appear, a sticker version does. These replenish 20 HP, but can be increased to 30 if an "excellent" action command is performed. They can be purchased in Decalburg for 15 Coins. One can also be obtained by saving the Green Toad in Hither Thither Hill.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Similar to Sticker Star, Mushrooms are replaced by Battle Cards. They are bought at Prisma Cardware,

Paper Mario: The Origami King

These mushrooms restore 20 HP and can be found in various places including shops and blocks.

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Makes you feel better. Just the thing when you're tired.


An all-important HP-restoring sticker that can only be used during battle. Always, ALWAYS carry one with you!