Merluvlee is a fortune teller from the Ancients.

Paper MarioEdit

In Paper Mario, she is at Shooting Star Summit along with her brother, Merlow. She can show you where any Super Blocks, Badges, or Star Pieces are. However, she can only tell you the location of the Star Pieces that are hidden on the ground or under a hidden panel. Star Pieces that are obtained by delivering letters, by answering Chuck Quizmo's quizzes, by doing Koopa Koot's favors or in an area that cannot yet be accessed are "out of her reach", in which she gives back the money by telling you "I must give a full refund for such a poor reading".

Merluvlee's Fortune-Telling ServicesPaper Mario Happy

Service Cost

Badge 20

Star Piece 5

Super Block 30

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorEdit


Merluvlee in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

In Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, she does not tell where Super Blocks or Badges are. She can tell you where Star Pieces and Shine Sprites are, along with telling you where you should go. She lives in the Rougeport Sewers.

Merluvlee in Super Paper Mario.

Super Paper MarioEdit

In Super Paper Mario she lives in Flipside where she only tells you what you should do next. It is apparent she has a rivalry against Merlee (Merlee does live in the opposite spot in Flopside).

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