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Marilyn is one of the three Shadow Sirens and is the most powerful. She doesn't say much besides GUH! and doesn't contribute too much to the group, giving the impression that she is rather stupid, much like the classic thug character often seen in gangs. She attacks in various ways and even has magic attacks like her older sister Beldam. One of her special techniques is increasing her attack power by 2 (or 7 during the second fight). Like Beldam, she decides to take a peaceful pup after the Shadow Queen is defeated. She is a shadow species along wth Vivian and Beldam.

In battle, Marilyn attacks Mario or his partner by clapping next to them. She can also shoot lightning, as electricity is her element. Marilyn can perform the strongest single attack after charging twice. Which can deplete 21 hit points if no defense is provided.


  • When first encountering the Sirens in Boggly Woods, Marilyn says 'The Three' as part of their introduction. This is the only time she says intelligible words in the game.

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