Lee is a Duplighost and trainer at the Toad Town Dojo. He is also an optional mini-boss. He has 20 HP where as a regular Duplighost 15 HP. He gives advice by saying that in some cases (like at Mt. Rugged or Gusty Gulch), the best thing to do when fighting an enemy is to run away. It doesn't mean you're a coward and you might be force to run (especially going against Clefts). Both him and Chan are loyal members toward their Master, as both of them waited several hours for him to return. Since he is a Duplighost, he can transform himself into your partners characters and use their abilities. Then again, Lee is pretty strong in his normal form. After Mario beats him, he gets the Second-Degree Card as proof.


  • Lee is likely a reference to martial artist and famed actor Bruce Lee.