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"Lord Bowser is expecting the Big Paint Star, and I have no intention of disappointing him. Have you even seen his disappointed face? It’s heartbreaking! Enough small talk. Let’s get this over with."
— Larry Koopa

Larry Koopa is a boss from Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is fought on the Sunset Express, a train he used to get to the Starlight Cape (Last known whereabouts of the Orange Big Paint Star) before Mario could.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Tangerino Grill

Larry Koopa made his first appearance at the Tangerino Grill, but only by voice, as his appearance was obscured by a set of curtains. The Grill's staff refer to him as the VIP Diner, and request that Mario fill in for the chef and serve him a steak. If Mario successfully cooks the steak (In a boss battle), Larry will be pleased and flee to the Sunset Express.

Sunset Express

Larry is then fought on top of the Sunset Express. In battle, he will attack Mario with waves of Shy Guys. But once he takes damage, one of the Shy Guys will throw hearts into the train's firebox. This emits a stream of smoke from the locomotive that recovers 999 HP for Larry, rendering him impossible to defeat. So, Mario must help a Toad scare the Shy Guy off by fighting off three waves of other Shy Guys. When the Toad successfully fends off the Shy Guy, Larry will quickly use a spell that blows smoke into Mario's face, blinding him. Mario will miss every attack, and Larry will dodge any Thing Cards Mario uses. To stop Larry from dodging every attack, Mario must use a Cork Thing Card to clog the trains whistle. The rest of the fight is pretty straight forward, with Larry able to drop-kick or jump on Mario. However, if Mario takes too long to defeat him, Larry will use a finishing move where he jumps on Mario five times, killing Mario instantly.