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King Olly is the main antagonist of the game Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is the older brother of Olivia. Olly invades the Mushroom Kingdom, and forces its inhabitants to become folded Origami, making them become mindless servants under his rule. After destroying all of the Streamers, you gain access to the Origami Castle.



King Olly was created by the Origami Craftsman to fit into an origami castle created for the Toads' Origami Festival. However, the craftsman felt like taking more advantage of the opportunity, so he used the forbidden Fold Of Life technique, granting Olly sentience upon completion. The Origami Craftsman wrote a message on King Olly wishing he would grow a fair and kind king, but Olly misinterpreted it as a "careless scrawl" and became embittered.


While Olivia is cheerful, curious and kind, King Olly is stern, proud and vengeful. He is shown to be extremely petty and bitter, taking offense at the Origami Craftsman supposedly vandalizing his body and viewing origami as superior to flat paper. At times, he flicks his bangs as a way to show confidence.