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"Coins make the world go round. It's all about the money!"
— Kent C. Koopa

Kent C. Koopa is a gigantic Koopa who hails from Koopa Village and optional boss in Paper Mario. He is one of the five optional bosses of the game.


Paper Mario

Not much is known about Kent C. Koopa, he appears in Chapter 5 right after Mario and his friends (including Kolorado) venture from Lavalava Island. He blocks the Pleasant Path to Koopa Village which prevents Kolorado from returning home to his wife. Players wishing to use the Pleasant Path either can pay the 100-coin fee or fight against him. Alternatively, players can find an alternate route to Koopa Village through Toad Town Pipes. (If players choose not to fight Kent C. Koopa at all, it is implied that Kolorado might have been able to find this alternate route since players can see him in Koopa Village with his wife after completing Chapter 7.) If the player chooses to fight Kent C. Koopa, he can be a very difficult boss with his high attack power and defense, although it is very easy to just put him asleep with Lullaby. Like every other Koopa Troopa, his defense can easily be brought down to 0 once he's flipped over. Though, like Dark Koopa Troopas, he can easily get back up once it's his turn to attack. He is pretty tough so Players should be sure to have maximum HP and/or Defense.


It should be noted that because of this enemies strength, it is advised to fight him either right before going to fight Bowser or after Chapter 6.

In terms of battle, using Lullaby is the main method of dealing with Kent C.'s dangerous attack power. Lady Bow is arguably the best partner to have out for this fight as once Kent C. wakes up and Mario attacks, you can predict his powerful Shell Toss attack with Outtasight, preventing your party members and Mario from taking damage. Having "D-Down Jump" is also highly recommended when pinning down Kent C, as D-Down Jump pierces his defense, making adding damage while pinning him down as he's asleep very useful. D-Down Jump ignores defense completely. When Pinned over attack his tail, as his tail gives him 0 defense points. This makes Bow's Fan Smack or Smack work highly effective. Using Jump Charge for a D-Down Jump to pin down Kent C is another effective method.


  • Interestingly, Kent C. Koopa is the only optional bosses that cannot be seen in the game's ending parade.
  • Kent C. Koopa bears a great resemblance to Hookbill the Koopa, a boss from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Both are humongous red Koopa Troopas. The only difference is that Kent C. Koopa wears glasses and has a personality of his own.
  • Kent C. Koopa's name is a pun on 'Can't See Koopa'.


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