Kammy Koopa, first introduced in Paper Mario, is an old witch Magikoopa who works for Bowser. Kammy is described by Goombario in Paper Mario as "the brains behind Bowser" and is high up in the Koopa Troopa hierarchy. Kammy oversees the Magikoopas similarly to Bowser's advisor Kamek, as one looked forward to getting a raise from Kammy for defeating Mario. However, unlike most Magikoopas, she doesn't have a fang and instead has a square tooth on her bottom jaw.

Kammy continues as Bowser's lieutenant in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In the second Paper Mario game, Kammy is the one who informs Bowser about Mario's quest to collect the Crystal Stars and that Princess Peach has been kidnapped. She then proceeds to aid Bowser in his journey to retrieve the Crystal Stars and Princess Peach, although their efforts are. At the end of the game, she aids Bowser in fighting Mario and his allies in the Palace of Shadow.

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