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"Young Master! You should keep a more prudent mindset"
— Kamek to Bowser Jr.

Kamek is one of Bowser's highest ranking henchmen in the Koopa Troop. He briefly makes an appearance at Bowser's side in the intro for Super Paper Mario, and plays a key role in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. He can be randomly encountered in Paper Mario: Color Splash and appears as a mini-boss. Kamek also appears in Paper Mario: The Origami King as a temporary companion during the Green Streamer section.


Super Paper Mario

Kamek only makes a small appearance during the introduction. He stands alongside Bowser in Bowser's Castle. Though he is sucked into the Void alongside the other minions, he does not reappear in the game at all.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

He makes a larger appearance as a main antagonist. He makes his first appearance in World 1-3, when he battles you and you win, but then he takes the Sticker Comet Piece. He appears again in 2-2, where he is fighting you again, and turns your stickers into Flip Flops. After you win, you get the tablet piece. In World 3-3, he is seen splitting Wiggler into parts, so Mario and Kersti won't defeat Gooper Blooper. However, his plan fails in the end. He re-appears in World 4-3, where he broke the seal of the Book of Sealing and released all the Boos. After Mario and Kersti seal them all back by defeating them, Kamek comes out of hiding and releases the Boos again, and they turn into Big Boo, who Mario must defeat. His last appearance is in Bowser's Sky Castle, where he makes clones of himself and turns Mario's stickers into Flip Flops, then, after being defeated, he vanishes.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam



Paper Mario: Color Splash

He occasionally appears in random battles, and will modify Mario's cards. He can make them all Worn-Out, make them flip over, (the player doesn't know which card is which), randomize them, and even steal them. Once the battle has finished, the spell Kamek puts on the cards is reverted. His appearance within the story is in the Green Region. One Mario gets through the giant coin Kamek has used to block off the forest, He finds out Kamek has made the Mondo Woods huge, and the Sacred Forest tiny. Once Mario and Huey get through both locations, they find Kamek guarding a Green Mini Paint Star and fight him. Kamek disables the Battle Spin, and must be fought without it. Once defeated, he tries to put a spell on Mario but fails. He surrenders, and grants Mario a fourth Card Slot (Presumably dying in the process).

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Kamek appears as a temporary companion in TOK, with his music from the previous two games accompanying him. He appears in the Green Streamer section of the game, working as a groundskeeper at Shangri-Spa, his iconic magic wand replaced with a broom. After witnessing Bowser Jr.'s failed attempt at raiding Bowser's Castle, he requests assistance from Mario to bring Bowser Jr. to each of the different spas in order to revive him. Once Bowser Jr. is fully restored and Paper Macho Boss Sumo Bro is defeated, the trio enter Bowser's Castle. After dispatching of the hordes of Folded Soldiers inside, and encountering a locked door leading to the throne room, Kamek suggests following him to his room to get the key. Along the way, Kamek disappears from behind a column. It is revealed shortly afterward that he was captured by Handaconda and attached to the Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle, who is able to use Kamek's magic until he is pulled off. After the following battle with Scissors, Kamek and the rest of Bowser's crew hop on to an airship to charge Peach's Castle on Hotfoot Crater, helping fight off the Paper Plane Squadron along the way. In Hotfoot Crater, he sacrifices himself to save the others from the Paper Macho Crater Crashers. Later, he and Bowser Jr. appear again when Luigi busts through the wall of Origami Castle with the Origami Craftsman, presumably because Luigi found them when he fell through the floor of Peach's Castle. While in Mario's party, his move is Magic, a move that hits enemies in a lineup.