Holey Thicket is the eleventh level of World 3 in Paper Mario Sticker Star. There are many hidden traps and stairs that can be accessed by peeling Bowser tape.

The first area of this level has many rows of bushes with enemies scattered around. The bushes can sometimes hide hidden traps such as poison so it is best to be weary. After walking through the row of bushes in this room, two poison bloopers jump up carrying the wiggler segment off to Whitecap Beach. You can try to chase them now, but you must ultimately complete this level first to access Whitecap Beach. Heading right leads to an area with a few hills and Bowser tape spots. Some of the tape here can be used to cover up patches of poison. The sticker comet piece can be seen from this room.

If you go left from this room into the previous room, you will be on top of the hilly part of the room. There is a boomerang bro guarding some Bowser tape. The only thing of interest in this room is a cave that can be accessed by removing Bowser tape on the ground. Going through this cave leads up to a tree with a Bowser tape scrap to be collected. This tape is used in the second area of this level where the sticker comet piece is visible. Placing the Bowser tape and pulling it off opens up a segment of stairs up to the comet piece. This is the fake exit to the level that does not allow you to go to Whitecap Beach.

The real exit is beyond the first sticker comet piece. Go into the room past it and you can find two Poison bloopers holding a red toad. You can choose to pay them off or fight them, both yielding the same thing a Shiny Mushroom. The toad explains that although some toads like the forest lifestyle, he prefers something more fast paced and runs off. The second comet piece can be seen in this area. To reach it, there is a small cave hidden in the puddle of poison here leading to the next room. There is yet another secret cave in this area against the back wall of it. Going through this cave leads to the sticker comet piece. This one opens the way to Whitecap Beach.

Stickers and Things Found Edit

Stickers: Jump, Shiny Jump, Iron Jump, Hammer, Eekhammer, Baahammer, Burnhammer, Hurlhammer, POW Block, Shiny POW Block, Shiny Fireflower, Shiny Ice Flower, Boomerang

Things: None

Secret Door: Found in the area past the first comet piece. Contains the Balloon