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The Hole Punch is a boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is a large hole puncher that resides in the Temple of Shrooms. It is the main boss of Chapter 3. He guards the yellow streamer and is a part of the Legion of Stationery.


The Hole Punch punched out the sun that hung over the Scorching Sandpaper Desert so that the Temple of Shrooms would collapse into the sand, making it difficult to reach the yellow streamer's end.

The Hole Punch is obsessed with both dance and music. Due to this obsession, they held a large group of Toads hostage in order to have both an audience and extra set of dance performers for an everlasting party in the Temple of Shrooms.


The Hole Punch's primary attack allows them cut holes into the arena. If Mario falls into one of them, his turn is cancelled. Hole Punch can also perform a body slam attack onto Mario. It can also hole punch Mario's face and body, reducing his maximum HP and attack power and can fire the punched out pieces back at him. The status effects caused by this attack can be rectified by retrieving the snipped pieces after they are scattered across the arena by the scrap shot attack.


Mario must get close to attack Hole Punch while at the same time avoiding the holes that have been punched into the floor. To do maximum damage to Hole Punch, Mario must attack Hole Punch from behind, as attacking from the front will do very little damage. When the Hole Punch is charging up its super attack, the player must then flip the 'ON' Switch to activate the Earth Vellumental pad to avoid the charge attack otherwise the Hole Punch will do perform The Whole Punch attack which hole punches Mario twice, does a Base Slap and 7 Throwing Punch attacks. When the Hole Punch attacks while Mario is on the raised Vellumental platform, he will slam into the wall and flip over, revealing his backside. Mario can then either attack as normal or choose to do a 1000-Fold Arms attack. If Hole Punch's health is low enough, Mario will do a special finisher where he forces Hole Punch's lid open. This will end the fight. If Mario is unsuccessful in ripping the Hole Punch's case open, they will flip back over, say a line of dialogue, then attack Mario with the previously used pattern.


  • The Hole Punch moves on-time to a section of his boss music when idle.