"Nyuck yuck yuck... What took you so long, Mario? Ready to taste my hammer? Here it comes!!!"
— Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro PMSS

As they appear in Sticker Star.

Hammer Bros. are species of a Koopa Troopa. They are normally seen wearing a green helmet but in the first three Paper Mario games, their helmets are blue. Their weapon of choice are hammers (hence their name). Their shells are green like their appearance in other Mario games, whereas Fire Bros. and Boomerang Bros have red and black shells respectively. In battle, they will attack by throwing their hammers like in most of their games. According to Goombario, they will throw hammers continously if they are desperate. According to Goombella, it doesn't explain in her book how they can carry an apparently endless amount of hammers. They have a stronger sibling known as the Dark Hammer Bro. In Paper Mario, they guard Bowser's Castle and can be one of the enemies spawned by Kammy Koopa in Shy Guy's Toy Box. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Hammer Bros. appear in the Rogueport Sewers halfway through Mario's journey. One Hammer Bro is also a fighter in the Glitz Pit named Hamma Jamma. In Super Paper Mario, Hammer Bros. attack like they do in the 2D Mario series, and are either seen guarding Bowser, or guarding Castle Bleck, as most were brainwashed by Nastasia. In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Hammer Bros. appear in most of the later Worlds, and retain their appearance from the core Mario series. In Paper Mario: Color Splash, Hammer Bros. are first found in the Yellow Region fighting alongside Iggy in The Golden Coliseum. They are also part of the Emerald Circus. Their last appearance is alongside the other Bros (Fire Bros., Ice Bros., and Boomerang Bros.) in Black Bowser's Castle.

Notable Hammer Bros.Edit

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