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Groove Guys are colorful, dancing Shy Guys. They wear strange clothing (in similar fashion to jesters), and have the power to make Mario dizzy by dancing in front of him. They can also call in reinforcements at any time, whether or not they're alone or have high HP. Groove Guys are relatively rare and can only be found in two places within Shy Guy's Toy Box in Paper Mario. Even so, Groove Guys are very tricky to deal with. They appear to be jesters for General Guy. They have the same dizzy power as a Dark Koopa. Groove Guys, though not much of a threat, tend to be annoying as a result of thier dizzy powers, so it's best to take them out first. They aren't as powerful as an Anti Guy, though. Groove Guys are good, loyal soldiers to General Guy, but a burden to Mario.

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