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"Where'd you learn to cook, truck driving school?"
— Gourmet Guy to Princess Peach, Paper Mario

Gourmet Guy is an obese Fat Guy (one category of Shy Guys) who is found in Shy Guy's Toy Box. Gourmet Guy is blocking off an area that Mario must access in order to continue on in his adventure. When asked to move, Gourmet Guy says that he will only move if he gets something incredibly yummy to eat. The only thing that is yummy enough to make him move is the Cake, a food created by Tayce T., the chef. Tayce T. will give Mario a free Cake if he returns her Frying Pan, an item stolen by a different Shy Guy. If Mario gives Gourmet Guy any item other than cake, he will spit it out and not budge. If Mario does give him the cake, Gourmet Guy will rocket around stunned by its taste and leave. Gourmet Guy also drops the Cookbook when he leaves afterwards.

After the fourth level is complete and the player plays as Princess Peach, Peach finds Gourmet Guy in one of her castle's rooms. Gourmet Guy knows that Peach is supposed to be locked up, but he is hungry and will not tattle on her if Peach bakes him a cake. Gourmet Guy gives Peach a Castle Key in order to access the kitchen and create a strawberry cake. If the cake was made incorrectly, Gourmet Guy would spit out the cake and insult it, saying the quote above. If the cake was made correctly, Gourmet Guy would tell Peach that the fifth Star Spirit, Misstar, is in Lavalava Island, guarded by Lava Piranha.

It is safe to assume that Gourmet Guy is a servant under both General Guy and Bowser. Gourmet Guy seems to know aspects of Bowser's plan, such as where Misstar is being held. Also, it is not known how Gourmet Guy got to Peach's Castle from Shy Guy's Toy Box without one of Bowser's ships. General Guy, a major servant under Bowser, in in charge of all Shy Guys, presumably including Gourmet Guy. Gourmet Guy is probably the only Shy Guy to help Mario.

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