Goomba Village is the first village Mario visits in Paper Mario. Mario falls into the village after Bowser knocks him off of his castle in the sky. The village is the home of Mario's first party member Goombario.

Layout Edit

Goomba Village is a small village only consisting of two buildings and one path leading through. There are also paths leading further to the west in to an area of the village inhabited by hostile creatures and southwest into a forest clearing.

Toad HouseEdit

The toad house for Goomba Village is located just next door to the Goomba Residence, inside lives one toad who will allow anyone to stay for absolutely no charge.

Goomba ResidenceEdit

West PathEdit

Southwestern ForestEdit

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Side QuestsEdit

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Notable Items Edit

  • Goomnut: Acquired by hitting the tree close to the exit by the gate.
  • Dolly: In Jr. Troopa's Playground hit the tree closest to the exit.
  • Mushroom: East of Jr. Troopa's Playground hit a tree directly in front of the Yellow Block.
  • Fire Flower: East of Jr Troopa's Playground use a spring to collect the item up on a ridge.