His sprite from Paper Mario.

The Goomba King is the boss of the prologue chapter of Paper Mario. His assistants are Red Goomba and Blue Goomba, who come to him in defeat. He used to be an ordinary Goomba, but he begged Bowser to make him bigger and a king of the Goombas using the power from the Star Rod, though, it has not made him any smarter than an average Goomba. After being defeated at his fortress, (Goomba Fortress), a drawbridge switch appears. As Mario, who already pressed it, the Goomba King tries to warn him not to hit the switch as it could be dangerous. Already being too late, the fortress explodes, thus creating a bridge to Toad Town and sends the king far off into the sky. The king returned in the ending parade where he is seen hanging on top of a tree and crashing down onto Red Goomba and Blue Goomba.


  • When battling the Goomba King in Paper Mario, by hitting the X-shaped bandage on the Goomnut tree behind Mario, you can attack all three of the Goombas at the same time, while causing a lot of damage.
  • The Goomba King is one of the few Paper Mario characters to reappear in several other Mario games (with one being the Red Chomp, and the other Koopatrols). albeit with a slight change of design. His eyebrows first appeared black, but in later games, his eyebrows appeared white to match his moustache. He also swapped his shoe color for light brown, like every other Goomba wears.