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Gloam Valley is a Place in Super Paper Mario. During the second chapter, Mario and Company travel there to locate Merlee who will give them the second Pure Heart.


Gloam Valley is a swampland that most likely is in a valley. Strange, Curly Foliage dot the background which are a contrast to the Bright orange, twilight sky. The sky is filled with complex molecular structures that resemble hexagons and the whole background is filled with never ending, thin, parallel lines which cause the sky to be partly covered as if you are looking through blinds all a time.



Though this is a swamp land, not too many New enemies are seen. Piranha Plants inhabit some pipes while Cheep Cheeps swim in the water. The Koopa Troop also exists here as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Paratroopas are present. Underneath the Fen is a rare Growmeba. In addition, Jawbus and Shlurps


  • Gloam is a time of day right after sunset. Basically, another word for twillight. Given the swamp's Orangish sky, the name Gloam Valley fits as a perfect title.