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— Fracktail, Super Paper Mario

Fracktail is a Pure Heart guardian and boss in Super Paper Mario. He is found at the end of Yold Ruins. He is the main boss of Chapter 1, is the second boss of that Chapter, and is overall the second boss of the game.


Super Paper Mario

Fracktail coming out of the sand.

When Mario first encounters Fracktail, he explains that he is the protector of a Pure Heart, and has been for over a thousand years. After ensuring Mario is one of the four heroes, he allows him to pass. However, before he is able to grant Mario entry, Dimentio appears, and electrocutes him. This caused a malfunction in his systems, turning him against Mario. At this point, Fracktail attempts to reset himself, and begins yelling out references to Windows' error messages, as well as a Zelda II reference (being "I AM ERROR"). Fracktail then sees Mario as an intruder, and fights him, after the fight Fracktail yells "SYSTEM CRASH!", but comes to his senses and before exploding, he apologized for his actions and uttered that Mario must save the world from Count Bleck.


He will occasionally charge towards the screen, and eventually come from the side. By this point, Mario can flip into 3D and hop on top of Fracktail. Once Mario is on Fracktail's back, a bunch of Frackles will start to attack him. The player can then use Thoreau to grab the Frackles and throw them at the antenna on Fracktail's head. After a while, Fracktail will fly in a circle in an attempt to fling Mario off. The player can avoid falling off by jumping from the very end of Fracktail's tail to the front of his head. After nine hits to the antenna, Fracktail will be defeated.


Fracktail's name is a combination of the word "fractal" a repeated pattern of geometric shapes, and "tail" due to his very long tail.


  • Fracktail seems to resemble Hooktail, the boss of Chapter 1 in Paper Mario:The Thousand-Year Door.
    • In fact, Fracktail and Hooktail are very similar in therms of design and roles.
      • Both bosses are large dragons.
      • Both bosses have a red color schema.
      • both bosses can fly.
      • Both bosses have an attack that involves chomping.
      • Both are the main bosses of Chapter 1.
      • Both bosses' name ends with the word "tail"
    • Despite their similarities, they are both oppose in many ways.
      • Hooktail is a basic dragon who is a female and lives in a temple in the middle of a forest, in battle she can also attack with her claws and can breath fire but has no enemies to add her, and in story she has two older siblings and is evil.
      • Fracktail however is a robotic chines Dragon who is a male and does not live in any kind of temple and lives in a dessert, in battle he lacks the abilities to spew out fire as well as having enemies to aid him in battle, and in story he has no siblins and is good, only to be forcefully turned evil.
  • Fracktail is revealed to have biological bones beneath his metal shell.
  • Fracktail is the first and (so far) only dragon-theme boss in the Paper Mario series to not have a breath ability.
  • Fracktail has another counterpart that guards the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials named Wracktail.
  • Fracktail makes references to MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME error messages as well as the character "Error" from Zelda II.
  • Right after being hit by Dimentio's attack, Fracktail's eyes become the internet connection symbol from the Wii Shop.