Dark Boos are stronger, purple versions of the Boo.

History Edit

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Edit

Dark Boo TTYD-0

A Dark Boo from TTYD.

A Dark Boo is a purple Boo located inside the Poshley Sanctum. They are a lot more powerful than the average Boo and guard the 6th Crystal Star. It is unknown if they are intentionally evil Boos or if they're just guarding the star and got the name because of their dark color. Like regular Boos, they attack by scaring and can turn invisible.They are very fond of art, and the sixth Crystal Star is located in a museum of art.

There was also going to be a Dark Atomic Boo that would've also appeared in the Poshley Sanctum, but it was not used.

Super Paper Mario Edit

In Super Paper Mario, Dark Boos appear right behind Mario and scare him. Many Dark Boos is a hard trial, though flipping to 3-D will end the massacre of scare.

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