Crystal Palace is a location from the first Paper Mario video game in Chapter 7: A Star Spirit On Ice. Crystal Palace leads to the boss of Chapter 7, Crystal King.

To get to Crystal Palace, Mario must travel to Shiver City, solve a mystery, then travel to Star Haven, receive a Scarf from Merle, go back to Shiver City to get a Bucket from Mayor Penguin, and then use these items on the snowmen at the gate.

Inside Crystal Palace, there are numerous puzzles, mostly involving mirrors and Duplighosts, and the final puzzle involves pushing statues of creatures onto buttons. This puzzle is not as simple as it sounds, since Mario must go back and forth and speak to the creatures on the other side of the room to make the statues rotate.
Crystal palace

Crystal Palace



  • Crystal King - He guards the 7th Star Spirit, Kalmar, from Mario. He will attack by healing himself or creating copies of himself.
  • Crystal Bits - These things accompany the Crystal King, but are simple to defeat.


  • Apparently, the Crystal Palace used to be a home for the Star Spirits. This was before they moved to Star Haven in the sky.