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"Who comes to my palace!?" — Crystal King, Paper Mario

The Crystal King is the ruler of the Ice Palace and boss fight in Paper Mario, he is the main boss of chapter 7, the eighth chapter boss and overall the thirteenth boss of the game.


Paper Mario

Not much is known about the Crystal King, Apparently he was hired by Bowser and is the holder of the final Star Spirit. The Crystal King is the last chapter boss in Paper Mario before Bowser himself.


He is a transparent being with only eyes and a furry blue coat and crown visible.


The Crystal King's main attacks are freezing Mario with an ice beam or shooting Crystal Bits out of his mouth. He also has the power to heal himself and make copies of his body (which is done usually when he has low health). After he is defeated, he explodes into little stars and releases the last Star Spirit.


Using Parakarry, Bombette or Sushie is advised. You can use Watt as well, as Watt totally ignores Crystal King's defense points. However, due to Crystal King's multi targets, multi-hit moves are the main key. Parakarry is really effective against Crystal King's Illusions. Really what you should do, is just keep spamming powerful attacks. The most annoying thing about the Crystal King is the fact that he can heal 20 HP; there is nothing you can do about this. Just vent all of your anger on Crystal King when he heals. Be sure you destroy the crystals, as it will limit the Crystal King's attacks, Charging and using D-Down Pound or D-Down Jump are highly effective. Again, Chill Out is useful as you can reduce damage from Crystal King and his Crystal Bits altogether, which is a very good thing. Lady Bow is also good to switch out too, but only for Outta Sight defense. When Crystal King creates his illusions, using Star Storm is also a good idea.


"This is the Crystal King. He is one of Bowser's main guys. I don't know how he managed to take over this palace, but Max HP:70 , Attack Power 6, Defense Power 2. He'll attack you by summoning and launching Crystal Bits. The power of each attack is 4. The number of times he attacks equals the number of Crystal Bits he's deployed. He'll also try to freeze you whenever he can. When his HP is low he may try to divide and conquer. The power of this attack is 8. You can only hurt him by attacking his real body.If you don't know which one is the main body you should attack all of them. Pretty brilliant, eh?"


  • Even though Bow's attacks are useless, the Player can sometimes fool the Crystal King into using a bad move when he multiplies using Outta Sight.
  • The Crystal King is the only boss in Paper Mario to have the Freeze Status.
  • The Crystal King is the first and only Chapter Boss in Paper Mario (aside from Bowser) to not be a larger and/or stronger version of a regular enemy.
  • Since D-Down Pound and D-Down Jump are the only two defense piercing badges in the game they make this fight a lot easier.