"You seem friendly. If so, give me a hand! If not, give me a hand anyway!"
— Carrie

Carrie is a rectangular prism net Pixl that appears in the Super Paper Mario. The Heroes first discover Carrie being held captive in the basement of Fort Francis, when they are on a journey to rescue Tippi, who was previously captured by Francis, who was really tracking down another Pixl named Barry, in the beginning of the Chapter. Once she is freed by the Heroes by using Thudley to ground pound a switch next to her cell, she will then question the player what he/she thinks of Francis. Like Lakilester, she doesn't care what answers the player gives and still ends up joining the group. If the player presses 1 with Carrie, then she will fold into a rectangular prism and carry the player. Then the player can use Carrie like a car that can go over dangerous areas like spikes and jump. Carrie is your Lakilester and Yoshi Kid of this game.

She is the 6th Pixl to join as a Party Member. If not counting Tippi, she is the 5th.


Carrie's has the ability to cross over dangerous lanscapes and provide faster transport for the player. Her ability is similar to that of Lakilester's from Paper Mario (not counting the Yoshi Kid from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door). The only difference that she is able to jump while the player couldn't with Lakilester.

Carrie makes a great pair with Bowser, because of the fact that not only does she make up for his clumsiness, she allows him to breath fire in the air, a useful ability against most bosses.

Another Pixl by the name of Dashell, who can be unlocked optionally can provide a much faster transport than Carrie.

Catch Card

100px-233 CarrieCard

Carrie's Catch Card

Carrie's Catch Card is found on floor 60 of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. All of the Pixl Catch Cards except for BarryDashellPiccolo, and Tiptron are found there in order of appearance.

Catch Card Type: Rare

Catch Card Description: This platform Pixl will go where no other Pixl can. But she will only help heroes that are on her wavelength.

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