Brobot L-Type from Super Paper Mario

Brobot L-Type is the new and improved version of Brobot, Mr. L's gigantic robot, Brobot, in Super Paper Mario.

In Chapter 6-1, after the Sammer's Kingdom gets destroyed by The Void, Mr. L appears in the new World of Nothing. His new improved Brobot L-Type has arms and legs this time and is more powerful, able to swallow Mario and fire rocket punches at him. Oddly, Brobot L-type has less health than the original brobot, only 64, while regular brobot has 255.He then summons Brobot L-Type and begins a duel with Mario, Bowser, and Princess Peach.                                                                                                                           


  • The name Brobot is a pun on robot with bro referring to the fact that Mario and Luigi are brothers.
  • the gigantic robot is a reference to the anime tengen toppa gurren lagann with the head being a what the guide to robots is a "lagann" class mech (a mech that has the hight ratio from 1 meter to 8 meters
  • The reason why L-type has less health than Brobot is that the lasers deal a bigger amount of damage, nescessiating a larger amount of health.
  • Testing showed that Brobot L-Type will still take two damage by boomer even if Mario has an attack power of only two.