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Brobot is the robotic "brother" of Mr. L and a boss in Super Paper Mario. He is designed to resemble Luigi's head.

In game, he is the second phase of Mr. L, is the true main boss of Chapter 4 and is overall (alongside Mr. L) the seventh boss of the game.


Brobot appears in Chapter 4-4, when Mr. L summons after being beaten by Mario and Friends. The battle takes place in space with the player using Squirps to attack Brobot with an unlimited supply of projectiles. The heroes eventually triumph over Mr. L again, who can only brag and flee. This leaves the heroes free to take the fourth Pure Heart.

Serving the same purpose as before, Brobot appears alongside Mr. L again in a destroyed Sammer’s Kingdom, this time with an upgrade. He now has hands and feet that he lacked in the first battle, as well as a larger variety of attacks. He also has a new name with the upgrade: "Brobot L-Type". The player's best strategy is to lay Boomer at Brobot L-Type's feet and then flee before he can retaliate with a damage-dealing blow. The attacks he could unleash on the heroes includes missiles from his nose, lasers from his eyes and a vacuum attack in his mouth. Once again, the heroes win the battle and Brobot is apparently destroyed for good, with Mr. L running away again afterwards.


The battle takes place in space, very similar to Chapter 4-1 and 4-3. In battle, Brobot has a wide set of abilities, the first are missiles that he fires from his nose. They slowly home in on Mario and co, though they can be shot down by Squirps. He can also fire five smaller missiles that can home in on the player. They can also be blown up by Squirps. Another attack that Brobot can preform is firing light-green colored energy lasers from his eyes, though this attack will only fire in a straight line. He can also charge up and fire a continuous light green colored energy laser and will hover down in attempt to give off contact damage with the laser. Brobot can also try to ram Mario and co. Brobot's other ability is a vacuum that can suck up Mario and co. If successful, he will chomp the hero two times and then spit them out, dealing damage.

The best strategy is far different compare to the previous bosses, the player has Squirps, so they only need to avoid the attacks launched by Brobot and fire Squirps' blasts at Brobot to drain all of his health, Players should be on a lookout, as there are also power-ups that can increase Squirps' attack power to defeat Brobot quickly,


  • Brobot has the most health out of any mandatory boss in the game, with a total of 255 HP in total, which is 55 more than the final boss, Super Dimentio.
    • The reason for Brobot's high HP is likely because of Squirp's high firing rate and it's power after getting power-ups.
  • Brobot's 255 HP is a reference of the storage ability of a single byte.
  • Brobot shares many similarities to Magnus Von Grapple from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
    • Both bosses are mechs.
    • Both bosses are piloted by that major villain (Magnus Von Grapple: Lord Crump, Brobot: Mr. L)
    • Both bosses serve as that Chapters' boss.
    • Both bosses get fought again as that Chapter's boss but upgraded (Magnus Von Grapple: Magnus Von Grapple 2.0, Brobot, Brobot L-Type.
    • Both bosses get fought in a Chapter that are numbered in events (Magnus Von Grapple: Chapter 2, Brobot: Chapter 4), but also are fought in odds (Magnus Von Grapple is the third boss, while Brobot is the seventh boss).