Bowser's Sky Castle is the final level of Paper Mario: Sticker Star and the whereabouts of Bowser throughout the game. The area can only be accessed after defeating Bowser Jr. in the level Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla, and requires Flutter (Wiggler) to get to it. Once Mario has entered the castle, he will have to go through several rooms of "trials" in order to get to Bowser. The first is a fight with Kamek, which does not change from the previous fights. The second room has a carpet that rolls on a conveyor belt. Mario must avoid falling through the holes in the carpet to make it safely across. The final room is where Peach is held captive, taped to a chain. When Mario tries to save her, Bowser will jump out and fight Mario. Bowser's fight has several phases, but there are 3 notable ones. The first is where he attacks on his own, and will occasionally summon random enemies. The second has him summon a large Whomp to defend him, and a Chain Chomp as well. After this is the final phase, where Bowser turns into a 3D cardboard version of himself. Mario will keep attacking Bowser and his hands until Kersti takes matters into her own hands, and she turns herself into a sticker for Mario to use. After this, Bowser is defeated, and the Princess is saved. Bowser's Sky Castle was seemingly destroyed in the process.

Tattles Edit

  • Entrance: "An entrance made of your own face... Boy, this guy's got some bad taste."
  • First room: "It feels like... the finale, doesn't it? To be honest, I'm a little nervous."
  • Second room: "One taste of those spikes below, and you're done for! Talk about a poor interior-design choice!"
  • Third section: "Bowser's face is on the floor too? This guy's got zero design sense."