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"Aaand... that's about all I remember. You know that memory-loss thing? What's it called... Ambrosia? Amnesty? Thinky Thinky Panic?"
— Bobby

Bobby, or Bob-omb, was Mario's second ally in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He was introduced as an amnesiac Bob-omb with no fuse. His personality is very laid-back and he wishes to regain his past memories, as well as make new ones with Mario and Olivia, and help them remove the streamers King Olly has placed around the world. While he has no overworld abilities, in battle he can perform the Bomb Bump.


Bobby possesses a mild-mannered personality, often shown relaxing and taking it easy. He sometimes appears to seem less interested than he truly is, as proven from his very introduction. If Mario accepts him into his party immediately, he quickly becomes happy. On the other hand, if Mario continues to refuse him, Bobby attempts to persuade him until the point when he outright begs to join, preventing Mario from reaching Autumn Mountain until he is allowed in. Although Bobby is afflicted with amnesia for most of his time as Mario's ally and claims to have no memories, he still displays some amount of knowledge, as shown when he recognizes what a boat is as well as a lake. Bobby has a tendency to get lost or trail off, which occurs numerous times throughout the game, intentionally or otherwise, the most notable case being when he is knocked into Chestnut Valley and must be rescued a few times before the adventure can resume. This could suggest he is both easily distracted and accident prone. Additionally, Bobby does not enter intimidating or holy places such as the Water Vellumental Shrine, the Ninja Attraction, and the Earth Vellumental Temple. He claims to simply be disinterested, though it is implied he may be simply be frightened. Bobby appears to look up to Mario and Olivia, both literally and figuratively, often requiring them both to keep him on track or together. Though Olivia almost always calls him Bobby rather than his actual name, he does not seem to mind this, though he does joke about Olivia being unable to tell the difference between him and his friend of the same name. When Olivia becomes trapped under the boulder, Bobby sacrifices himself to rescue her, with little reluctance, believing this fulfills a Bob-omb's purpose. Olivia, however, becomes extremely depressed when she realizes what has happened, running away and claiming she is unable to go on. Bobby, however, reappears as a spirit and convinces Mario to put a smile on her face, with this simple task successfully cheering her up.


Before In-Game Events

Sometime before the events of Paper Mario: The Origami King, one of Bobby's friends passed away, so Bobby kept his fuse as a memory, keeping it safe within a lock-box that he carried with him. Some time afterwards, Bobby was booked with a group of friends on a cruise in the VIP-exclusive room on the Princess Peach. However, during the trip, the ship was attacked by a Paper Macho Gooper Blooper. The passengers fought back, but to no avail, and during the fight, Bobby was knocked out and tossed off the boat, losing his fuse and memories.

Blue Streamer

Autumn Mountain & Chestnut Valley

Bobby is introduced to Mario and Olivia during a tram ride to Autumn Mountain. He is invited to Mario's party by Olivia and tags along for the remainder of the Blue Streamer portion of the game.

Throughout the Blue Streamer, Bobby is seen getting lost and into trouble very frequently, such as in Autumn Mountain's tall grass, and in Chestnut Valley.This leads Mario and Olivia to wander around these areas searching for Bobby, who is needed to enter the Water Vellumental's shrine.

Shogun Studios

In Shogun Studios, Bobby continues to travel with Mario & Olivia. He follows and helps along as the team finds all the missing pieces and equipment to enter Big Sho' Theater and defeat Rubber Band. Once Rubber Band is defeated and the Blue Streamer is destroyed, a large fireworks show is presented, giving Bobby back his memories.

Yellow Streamer

Early into the Yellow Streamer, Olivia is crushed by a boulder sent by Olly at Sweetpaper Valley. Bobby tells Mario he knows how to get rid of the boulder and save Olivia. He instructs Mario to sail into the Great Sea where an important object of his resides. The two travel to The Princess Peach, a cruise ship that has been wrecked and seemingly abandoned. After restoring power to the ship, rescuing the toads, and defeating Gooper Blooper, Bobby retrieves his "important item." Once back at Sweetpaper Valley, he reveals that his fuse and memories were separated from him when a Gooper Blooper attacked The Princess Peach while he and his Bob-omrades were on it. He goes on to explain that the item in the box is his best friend's fuse, who passed away several years ago. He then attaches the fuse to himself and blows up the rock crushing Olivia, sacrificing himself for her.

Extra: After Mario encounters Olivia in her traumatizing state, a somewhat "ghost" of Bobby appears and helps Mario cheer Olivia up. Bobby's ghost can be found at Shogun Studios in the photo area.

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