Big Blooper is a large Blooper that appears in Super Paper Mario. He is a mini-boss that appears in The Tile Pool (Chapter 3-2). Throughout the level, his tentacles can be seen coming out a caves trying attack the player whenever he is near. Once Mario and Co. reach the end of the level, Big Blooper comes out and initiates a battle. He barricades the player in between his tentacles with two long yellow ones, and will try to skewer the player with the rest of his blue ones. In order to defeat him, the player must use Thudley or Bowser to attack Big Blooper's red tentacle when it is vulnerable. Once defeated, the Big Blooper flees, and the level is completed.

Card Description: It's a giant, ten-tentacled squid! That's right...ten. How'd it get so big? Must be something in the water.

Trivia Edit


The Big Blooper boss fight.

  • While Big Blooper cannot be tattled during the fight because Tippi has been kidnapped, coming back after the chapter has been completed with Tippi and tattling the tentacles found throughout the level give off a tattle created for Big Blooper.
  • Early screenshots of the game show Big Blooper being fought with an early Pixl. The screenshot also shows that Tippi was available during the fight.
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