Barry is an optional Pixl in the Wii game Super Paper Mario. Mario and Peach first meet Barry after Francis kidnaps Tippi. He reveals three tips on how to reach Fort Francis. Later, after she is rescued and the player goes through the level again, Barry joins the party because he has nothing else to do. He can surround the main character with a strong barrier that can do damage to their enemies and deflect enemy projectile attacks back at the enemy (though it appears for less than two seconds). Barry does not realize that Mario was the great hero until he comes back to see him after defeating him.

Catch CardEdit


Barry's Catch Card

Barry's Catch Card is found in the outskirts of Flopside B2, near the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials.

Catch Card Type: Rare

Catch Card Description: This impenetrable Pixl repels enemy attacks. He waited in a bush for the hero to arrive.

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