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Anti Guy is a gray Shy Guy mini-boss encountered inside of Shy Guy's Toy Box. He is the most powerful Shy Guy known, besides General Guy and his army of Shy Guys. It is wise not to fight him unless Mario has leveled up sufficiently and can withstand a substantial amount of damage. He guards a treasure chest that holds a Power Plus badge. Even though he is an optional mini-boss, it is still recommended to fight him after gaining necessary skills so Mario can obtain more Star Points and the Badge inside the chest. One good strategy is to frequently use Bow's "Outta Sight" to prevent damage. Defense boosting badges are also recommended. If fighting Anti Guy isn't possible, he can be drawn away from his treasure chest with Lemon Candy, which is made from a Cake Mix and a Lemon.

Anti Guy can be fought again in Chapter 8. At the second Bowser Door, if every question is answered incorrectly, Mario will be forced to battle 3 Anti Guys.

Lady Bow is your primary partner to go to when confronting the Anti guy. Her Outta Sight is a must have for this situation. For the Anti Guy unit in Chapter 8, when fighting three of them a good tactic is to use Chill Out or Time Out; both of which are effective. Watt's paralysis moves work too. Due to their poor accuracy it will have you in a tight and uncomfortable spot. Time Out also works better than Watt's paralysis moves. Making it the more effective attack. Chill Out, two Damage dodges and Defend plus badges are also good. Lady Bow's Outta Sight and Fan Smack are recommended here. Bombette's Power Bomb is also highly effective as well as using Mega Quake. remember to bring lots of healing items.


  • Anti Guys are also called Deadly Guys.

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